Meet the Artist


Artist, Illustrator, Designer 

Cynthia Vaughn’s talent was evident at the early age of nine, by an African-American art teacher who started her on the journey of shaping her raw and innate talent in painting and illustration. From that time, to her formative years and  through college at Fashion Institute of Technology, Cynthia stretched her talents, creating beautiful and meaningful art using acrylics, oils, pastels, and charcoal.

Always impressed and motivated by the sights, sounds and scenes of her native community, Newark New Jersey, much of this self-taught artist’s work tells the story of her experiences as a daughter, child, sibling, mother and grandmother against the backdrop of a vibrant and eclectic urban setting. Cynthia Vaughn is a storyteller and her work paints a picture of ideas, messages and emotions for others to experience.

“Through art I can visually share the things I love and have experienced.”

All forms of Cynthia’s art are available under the banner CJ Gallery LLC.